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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  February 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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whitney houston remembered today as the voice of a generation. family and friends said their final farewell. >> off you go. he is scored by -- escorted by an army of angels to your heavenly father. >> thanks for joining us
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tonight at 6:00. >> we begin tonight on a somber note. family, friends and fellow musicians gather to honor the incredible life of whitney houston. her tragic death shocked the entertainment world a week ago. fox's kelly wright has more. >> a final farewell to whitney houston the star-studded funeral service took place at the new hope baptist church in north new jersey, the same place houston sang at as a child. the voices of stevie wonder, alicia keys, r kelly, along with the church's choir, could be heard echoing across the pews. in what could be described as a mix of gospel music and celebrity tribute, the service brought tears to many eyes. kevin costner, ms. hughes houston's costar in the bodyguard, and clive davis were among those who spoke. >> you wait for a voice like that. you wait for a smile leak that,
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a face like that. when you thing before him, don't you -- when you sing before him, don't you worry. you'll be good enough. >> the late husband bobby brown showed up briefly. pastor wyman married houston and brown in 1992. he read the eulogy. >> you brought the world to church today. >> reporter: houston's family shared some parting words. >> there are no words that can describe how i feel right now. >> now i'm free. >> reporter: whitney houston's family say they have shared her with the world but today is their day. they say they would like the world to remember whitney as a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend, a child of god. in north new jersey, kelly wright, fox news. >> houston will be laid to rest
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as fair view cemetery in west field alongside her father, john russell houston, jr. who was buried back in 2003. bobby brown said he left the service early after security guards repeatedly asked him and his children to change seats. he said he didn't want to risk creating a scene. >> the other big story we are following tonight is the trial of george huguely. at this hour, the defense is wrapping up its case for the jury. paul joins us live outside the courthouse. paul? >> reporter: will, just before 3:00 this afternoon, prosecutor dave chapman began summing his case up for the jury. his voice began to waver. he appeared to become emotional as he described for the jury exactly what the commonwealth believes happened to yardley
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love. dave chapman reminded the jurors what they had heard from the witnesses over the last two weeks. quoting from an e-mail. the letter was an apology for the way he acted when he choked love in february of 2010. but the e-mail was an angry exchange in which huguely told love that "i should have killed you". chapman told the jury to watch the videotaped statement. he said that i she opened the door for me. he kick kicked door. chapman said this was no battle royal. nothing was out of place. she was silenced early. it was over quickly. but when the defense began its closing statement, francis lawrence began by saying the e- mail threat was hyperbole. to yardleylove, he said it was
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a ripple in the word. george has a role in her death, we don't deny that but there was no intent. it's just different from the way that the prosecution had portrayed it. george didn't know love was dead. he thought it was a routine investigation that morning of an event the night before. he was distraught when he learned the truth. lorensen said that he was a stupid drunk. it was not calculated. he was just a boy athlete. he just wrapped his closing argument about 20 minutes ago and then the prosecution has a chance to do a rebuttal argument. we are expecting that's what's going on right now in the courtroom behind me. >> paul, supposing that the jury gets the case this afternoon, what are the plans? are deliberations going to go late into the night? >> reporter: that has never
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been clear. the judge has said he wanted to have the case wrapped up by today but there is a gag order in place. we don't know exactly what he means. we don't know if he's going to send the jury home and come back and wednesday to deliberate. we don't know if he's going to keep them here. the reason why it would be wednesday is because tomorrow is sunday. they are not going to sit sunday. monday ace holiday and tuesday, they're sitting a grand jury. so wednesday is the next day. so it is still unclear if they will deliberate into the night. >> okay. paul, thank you. we'll bring you updates and a verdict if we have it we are hearing for a few inches of snow across the area. gwen tolbert in the weather center, what is the latest? >> one thing, maureen, the
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computer models are not quite coming together on the consensus. there is a look at viper for you. we don't have a whole lot going on. to the south, you saw all that moisture and that is what is heading our way with that system. we have a few clouds right now. not a whole lot happening. the clouds will increase oath course of the night. where you saw that moisture to the south, that is what we are waiting for. just how close the system comes to us will determine what we're going to get in terms of snowfall. that is a very key factor. right now, however, there is winter storm warnings for areas of the west, southeastern virginia, shenandoah valley. that from midnight until monday a.m. then there is a storm watch, area shaded in blue which does not include the district. that's in effect all day sunday. we are watching it closely. i'll have a few more details when i come upstairs to let you
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know exactly what. we have not been able to pinpoint it so far. >> you can track all the win tr weather with all the fox 5 impact. all you have to do is go to the app store or the android market and download it. just search for d.c. weather a d.c. mother critically hurt shot multiple times wednesday night. it happened when she went to pick up her son fromthe father. >> it was supposed to be a handoff of a child, one parent to the other parent. instead, the mother is clinging to life and the father is being sought for attempted murder. >> reporter: yolanda stone ace 30-year-old, the mother of three young children. family members are wearing large but the tops with her photograph. they are remembering the old yolanda, the yolanda of before wednesday evening. >> always smiling, always joking. she was always there for you. and it's just so sad this had
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to happen to her, you know, because she was a friend. any time you needed to talk, somebody to talk to, she was there. >> reporter: yolanda stone was gunned down on olden place in northeast washington where she was driven to at 7:30 wednesday evening. >> the investigation has thus far revealed that the victim was involved in a verbal altercation with the suspect which ended with the suspect firing several shots and hitting her several times. >> reporter: a source familiar with the case says that one of the children who attends the preschool at neville thomas elementary became ill wednesday. the child's father was called and he picked up the four-year- old boy. yolanda stone had driven to the father's home with two other children in the car to pick up her child. she may have been trying to run
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away from the assailant. >> she was in the road, not in the car at the time. >> reporter: who is the suspect? >> the suspect is the father of her children, raynard cook. >> reporter: he is tall, 6'2" or 6'3" and slim. the family is devastated. >> she has three kids, three lovable kids who need their mom and she is fighting for her life. she is fighting really hard. the family says that yolanda stop was wounded in the back, arm and ear and one bullet penetrated her brain. she is in critical condition at an undisclosed hospital. the fugitive squad has been aggressively searching for raynard cook. the suspect is armed and dangerous. >> what is going on with the children? >> reporter: the children are not hurt. they have been taken into custody and placed in another
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location. the child protection service is taking care of the children. >> for their own protection, i suspect. >> yes. some candidates are promoting their values and others are taking aim at their rival. the news continues after this. 
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rick santorum on the campaign trail in ohio ahead of super tuesday on march 6. he is speaking at a tea party rally trying to keep up his momentum.
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santorum has been attracting crowds all week, spreading his message of faith, family and small business. but many are still uneasy about the social conservative recent polls showed. >> we have an opportunity here in ohio to put forth a candidate who will present that clear contrasting vision, who is not burdened by, let's say, a lot of imprudent decisions that were made in their political past. >> as of now, santorum leads in ohio. the crucial state has 63 delegates at stake. with nearly two weeks until super tuesday, newt gingrich is 13e7bding his in his own state of georgia. he is trying to drum up support with former presidential hopeful herman cain. he continues his attack against mitt romney. >> you tell your friends and neighbors, tell folks on facebook, when they are seeing
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a negative romney ad all they need to know is that it's paid for by wall street money and it's false. >> gingrich is hoping to capitalize on previous success in georgia. he was the state representative in congress for 20 years a big arrest for the fbi yesterday. they took down a suspected terrorist near the capitol. the man was planning to detonate a suicide bomb. just ahead, we are joined by wtop's national security correspondent, j.j. green to give us some insight. 
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a suicide terror plot targeting the u.s. capitol foiled. the 29-year-old morroccan man failed. we have more about the terror suspect. joining us now is j.j. green. thank you for being with us ton. >> my pleasure. >> do we know yet what may have provoked al khalisi. >> some of the documents that i have seen seem to suggest that there was a war on muslims about to start. he felt had he a role to play in fighting that war or arresting it before it started. he is another one of those young people who was coming of age around the time of 9/11
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and, indeed, noticed the prominence of al-qaeda. he felt as though he connected with them, felt as though he had some type of debt to repay. >> but he was not affiliated with al-qaeda. >> he wanted to do something for them. >> but he was not affiliated with al-qaeda? >> no, he was not. >> any terrorist group that we know of that he was affiliated with? >> no, we do not know. >> he had chosen several targets before settling on the u.s. capitol. how troubling was it that he thought he found gap in the security to carry out his plan? >> he was probably delusional to some degree, but he like a lot of other terror suspects or people intending to launch plots think they have found
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gaps or vulnerability, but the truth is that what he found was what they allowed him to find. he was never alone as far as the time frame that the fbi picked him up, he crossed the fbi radar. him thinking that he found vulnerability may have been just not knowing what the situation was and that he was, indeed, being watched. >> so, ja. j.j., finally, and we have just a few seconds left. how many more khalifi are out there? they say that he is a lone wolf but how many people are out there? >> that is the question that authorities around the country and all around the world, indeed, are wondering and hoping they wish they had the answer but nobody knows. the simple fact of that matter is that there are always people out there looking for opportunities to engage in some kind of plot or some kind of agenda that's going to further their iet seals and thinks one of those people. unfortunately for him, he was caught beforehand and that's fortunate for us.
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>> j.j. green, wtop national security kor responsible ends, thank you for your insights >> pleasure. i don't know. it seeps like whenever the three of us are together to do the news, we have something dramatic. >> i know. you go from a gorge just day like this and you go into something like that. it's incredible it is still winter, people. what i keep saying. the whole thing depends on the track to the south. not much hag right now. skies are getting a little bit cloudy. clouds are starting to roll in. other than that, it was a really nice day today. lots of sunshine, temperatures were well above seasonal and, so, now, as maureen and will said, things are starting to take a turn. things are at a high. 59 degrees at national airport, same at dulles. baltimore, 57 degrees. these temperatures, from 11 degrees above the seasonal
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average. it's still fairly mild outside right now. currently, 55 at national airport. we have 49 at thurgood marshall airport in baltimore. haggerstown at 50 degrees since we head up the mid-atlantic. a little cooler. 44 degrees for boston. look at the 30s here. this is really important. this is the cooler pool of air. it's going to start to move its way towards us and it's going to play a big factor when we start getting into looking at the precipitation affecting us. winds right now have been a little bit on the gusty side in the course of the afternoon. right now, gusting anywhere from 16 to even 25 miles per hour across most of our viewing area. so here is a look at satellite radar for you. not much happening right now. things are pretty calm and quiet. we have a few clouds rolling in but let's take a look at radar and newt whole thing together for you because this is the system that's going to push its way up the mid-atlantic and affect us. right now, they are getting a
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lot of strong storms across areas of the southern states. copious amounts of rainfall here. this is what we are watching because this is what's going to head this way up the mid- atlantic into the cooler air that we have been talking about and where this ends up is where this is going to give us the amount of snow that we're going to get. let's show the weather maps and show you what we have been talking about. the track is the key thing. some of the models which still have not come together 100% want to bring it off the coast of carolina. if it happens to go a little bit to the north, then that means we get more snow than what we anticipate. if it stays a little bit more to the sow, then we're going to get less. that's the scenario. the question is where exactly will it go is still the $54,000 question because it slows down a little bit, not quite coming together, traveling as quickly as anticipated. looks like the snow will start late in the afternoon. heaviest will be south and west of the d.c. metro area. it's going to end late sunday and then start to taper off. the storm track, once again,
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could shift at this point. so that's the question. we have some warnings, advisories as well as watches in effect. none of them right now in the immediate d.c. area but that could change as well. and as we take a look at this particular model, future cast, take a look at this. it brings it to the south of us but there is still a chance that we could see some accumulation. like i said, it could change. a chance that we could see a dusting to maybe up to two inches or three inches here, that's still very possible but that track is going to be the key and that is what we are watching very closely. cloudy tonight. by about mid day, could see a few flurries or so. by the afternoon is what we're going to be watching carefully. things heat up on the college hardwood as the season draws to a near. 
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hello, everybody, i'm lindsey murphy. it's been an up and down season for the terps and this was another example. today a different challenge against 22nd ranged virginia. we'll start in the first half. cavaliercavaliers' mike scott off to a hot start. virginia builds a nine-point lead but maryland rallies. darryl stoglin with the jumper.
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at the break, second half, stoglin unable to handle the pass and virginia is on a break. sammy zabinsky will hit the three. cavaliers go on 0 a lead. the dunk. terps are pounded by virginia, 71-44. maryland falls to 5-7 in the a.c.c., virginia 7-5. it's the 11th game this season that virginia has held an owe pope exhibit under 50 pounds. seth greenberg and virginia tech hoping to rebound from a heartbreaking loss in georgia tech. mfon udofia throws up a prayer and it is answered. timeout. the three at the buzzer is good. hokies age georgia tech 74-73 in o t. hokies are now 4-8 in
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a.c.c. play. it was a homecoming game at fogy bottom. jorge washington hosting st. joseph's. gw led by 19. gw off and running. taylor to robert pellum in the alley oop. the colonials cut the deficit to four points. the hawks would add insurance. despite a big rally, gw falls at home to st. joe's, 73-66. george mason defeats lamar 75- 71 in a bracket buster matchup. 10th ranked georgetown will be tipping things out at the top of the hour in providence. the top four teams earn a double bye into the quarter finals of the big east tournament in three weeks. but as j. t. iii will tell you, they are taking games one at a time. you look at the big picture, you get consumed.
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we take care of with a we can. >> a bye or double bye would be really good for our team or any team but i couldn't think we're -- we are not playing these games right now in order to get those byes. we are playing these games right now to win. >> unlike the previous four seasons in which the southeast division was a lock for the capitals, this year, it has been a constant battle to remain in place. the caps regain two points last night, remaining two behind florida. mike knuble was back last night alex ovechkin gets a puck that squirts away. he scores his 24th of the year. alexander semin, look at this shot. he would beat the former caps goalie jose theodore for the gain winner. tonight, the caps are in st. pete against the lightning and nascar starts right
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here. coverage weekend at 8:00. >> and then the news follows that race. >> we'll be there. >> we will. >> all right. >> we are bracing ourselves to see how much snow we're going to get from the system that's going to be here. looks like it will start in the late afternoon hours and once again it depend on that track. we'll watch closely. >> dust off the shovels. >> after the race tonight, ten and 11. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum,
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we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.


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